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Connex Metro North Drivers' Questionnaire Results 2001

Amount sent out: 251
Amount received: 105
The 2 right hand columns below have been added by csenews.net to simplify the results.
YES is the % of votes 1-5. NO is the % of the votes 6-10.

1 Strongly Agree10 Strongly Disagree
Answer:  12345678910YESNO
I am proud to work for Connex1025112113993518%82%
I am satisfied with my working conditions0015178818123921%79%
I am often asked for my views11121891115576%94%
My views are then taken into account00212661312665%95%
I am encouraged to use my own initiative128331581694316%84%
Co-operation across the organisation is good0132312121614429%91%
I am consulted about changes that affect me2063118810115120%80%
I feel trusted by my manager96113916413122336%64%
Connex is receptive to new ideas010362381019369%91%
Senior managers understand their staff's needs10155967105911%89%
Connex puts their people first01013651115625%95%
I am appreciated and valued001575918154313%87%
I am involved in making decisions11331310811629%91%
Most days I am enthusiatic about my job10187121812792037%63%
I know what is expected of me3015167914522772%28%
There is quite a high level of pressure in my job541416882132390%10%
I know what the company is trying to achieve8489121741272439%61%
I feel that I am kept well informed2028818910153918%82%
I get the training I need to do my job1310148111812104852%48%
I feel I work to my full potential31112311483321075%25%
I am provided with opportunities to progress3257824710112624%76%
Our managers work as a team817681791682529%71%
I trust my managers424941348143923%77%
I see my managers regularly651212814151091541%59%
I trust my colleagues241418171011520479%21%
I respect my managers as professional people551211811612122439%61%
I feel part of the Connex team3446920710113025%75%
I feel my job is secure4818510168662643%57%
TOTAL: 231118214179214366217284278919

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