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Another Driver Unfairly  Dismissed by Connex
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Connex Staff Survey Disaster
I am proud to work for Connex
Connex puts their people first
I trust my managers
I am appreciated and valued
Not very encouraging are they? These are the results of the survey of drivers in the Metro North area (Slade Green, Grove Park and Charing Cross). In fact as the results of this year's survey are so bad, Connex refuses to publish them. So these are from last year's questionnaire. Here's some more:
I am satisfied with my working conditions
I am often asked for my views
Co-operation across the organisation is good
Connex is receptive to new ideas
Senior managers understand their staff's needs

The full results of last year's survey can be found here.

Connex South Eastern  paid 1.6 million a week in subsidies by the British taxpayer

On the 15th November 2001 the Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions was asked in the Houses of Commons: what subsidies have been paid to Connex South Eastern to assist them with the purchase of new trains. Between 13 October 1996 and 31 March 2001 the following cash has been given to ConnexSE:
1996-97 58,000,000
1998-99 86,000,000
99-2000 64,000,000
2000-01 43,000,000
This makes a total of 366 million over 4 years 5½ months, or 82.09m a year, or 1.58m a week.

On 23th November the same question was asked of Connex South Central. Until 26th August 2001 when Connex lost the South Central franchise, the British taxpayer paid 300m. That makes a grand total of 666,000,000 paid out to Connex. Every little helps, but it will take a lot more than that for us to help Vivendi out of its 10.7 BILLION debt burden.

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