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Decision of the Employment Tribunal.
Extended Reasons.

PART 1 Decision. Extended Reasons. Basic Facts. Safety Reps Regulations. Dartford Up Sidings. Sevenoaks Tunnel. No smoking policy. Solar Gain.
PART 2 Drivers' Hours. Drivers' Restructuring. Railway (Safety Critical Work) Regulations. Drivers' Restructuring Risk Assessment. Link Between Length of Duty and Personal accidents. Complaints of Fatigue.
PART 3 HMRI Survey of Drivers' Restructuring. Question of Control on Drivers' Hours. Circadian Technologies. SPAD Investigation. L Holden Investigation of SPADs. Connex Drivers' Maximum Hours Worked. Increase in Drivers' Sickness and Stress. Managing For Attendance. L Holden Sickness Record.
PART 4 Health and Safety Reps: Problems with Consultation, Time Off. Harassment Warning. Disciplinary Charges. Jan 99 Report to HMRI. Meeting with Area Operations Manager Thompson. Personnel in Charing Cross area. Advice Sought from Human Resources Manager. Personnel File.
PART 5 Disciplinary Charge: Car Breaking Down. Health and Safety Issues Unresolved. Oct 99 Report to HMRI. Disciplinary Charge, Hearing, Question of Evidence. Administration of Punishment Interview 22 December 99. ASLE&F Official G Walker Part of Connex' Campaign Against L Holden, Failure to Properly Investigate Allegation. Management Stature of K Skilton. Report of 22 December 99 Interview.
PART 6 Resignation.
PART 7 Submissions. The Law.
PART 8 The Tribunal's Decision.
The above headings and descriptions are our's not the tribunal's.

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